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image:Shade's Gift Event.jpg

Greetings Flyffers!

Christmas is upon us, but OH NOES, Shade is up to her evil humbug ways and intends to ruin it for you all in Madrigal!

You see, she's somehow managed to turn all of the presents in Flyff into giant evil red Mischievous Present Boxes and they're having a blast terrorizing your world and making all of the kids like Losha cry. Needless to say, you can find these menaces walking and strutting their evil ways all throughout random locations in Flyff.

Santa himself can be found in Flarine and he's practically begging for some help!

As good citizens of Madrigal, it's up to you Flyffers to turn things around! Santa will task you with hunting those Mischievous Treasure Boxes down and with collecting image:Present Box.png Present Boxes that will be dropping off of them. Collect 25 Present Boxes, bring them back to Santa, and receive an awesome image:Christmas Gift Box 2011.png Christmas Gift Box 2011 for doing your good deed!

The Christmas Gift Box 2011 contains some awesome stuff including a chance for not one but two pets! We're not gonna spoil a Christmas surprise though, so you're just going to have to farm as many boxes as you can! Note that the quest is repeatable, and Santa will certainly appreciate repeated acts of good deeds!

So there you have it Flyffers, be good, and help Santa out!

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