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Those nasty monsters of Madrigal are up to mischief again! And this time, they’re out to destroy winter!

The monsters are stealing all of the Snow Flakes in Madrigal! Even worse, they are making off with the Snow Fairies to ensure there can be no snow for FlyFF this year.

And what kind of FlyFF winter would it be without snow?

We can’t let that happen FlyFFers… The god of winter, Baby Snowman is asking you all for help!

From January 8th to the 21st monsters will be dropping the stolen Snow Flakes and Snow Fairies. Collect them and Daddy Snowman will be sure to give you a token of his appreciation!

Any monster (Lvl. 15+) has a chance to drop a Snow Flake or Snow Fairy when killed.

Collect 10 image:Snow Flake.png Snow Flakes and bring them to the Baby Snowman to get a Pink Balloon.

Accept the second quest from Baby Snowman. Once you have done this, collect 10 image:Snow Fairy.png Snow Fairies and bring them to the Baby Snowman to get a Blue Balloon.

Accept the third quest from Baby Snowman. Once you have done this, go speak to Daddy Snowman above Flarine to get a Yellow Balloon.

Each of the Balloons will do the following when activated:

Pink Balloon: + 50 to Attack Points
Blue Balloon: + 100 to Defense Points
Yellow Balloon: + 150 to HP

Baby Snowman can be found in each town.

Flarine: Central
Saint Morning: Near Saint Hall
Darkon: Darkon 2

Daddy Snowman can be found in the floating ship above Central Flarine. Please refer to the FAQ if you are unsure of its location.

WARNING: Once activated, the balloons cannot be removed. Please make sure you want to use them before activating one!

The balloons will last for three in-game days. The timer does not count down when you are offline.

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