Running of the Dumb Bull

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Starting NPC

Dumb Bull Matador Location
Dumb Bull Matador Image:NPCDumb Bull Matador.jpg

Running of the Dumb Bull

Quest Starting Location: Central Flarine, Sain City or Darken
Quest : Running of the Dumb Bull
NPC : Dumb Bull Matador
Quest Requirement : None
Objective : Kill 100 Rampaging Dumb Bulls.

Rampaging Dumb Bulls x100


Running of the Dumb Bull Box

Quest Text:

"These Rampaging Dumb Bulls are running rampant and are out of control. I could certainly use some help getting their numbers under control. I need you to hunt 100 Rampaging Dumb Bulls, are you willing to lend a hand?"

Accepting Quest Text:

"You will find these Rampaging Dumb Bulls roaming all over Madrigal. You can tell them apart from normal Dumb Bulls by their smaller stature and their flaming red color."

Denying Quest Text:

"What's wrong ya'scared? If you change your mind, I'll be here."

During Quest Text:

"There isn't anything more satifying than showing those Dumb Bulls who's boss."

Completed Quest Text:

"Ahh... it seems to be clearing up out there. Here is something for your troubles. I can always use some extra help taking out the rest. If you got nothing else to do, feel free to ask me if you would like to help me out again."

Next Stage in Quest

  • Repeat this quest ten times and you will receive a Matador's Cloak
  • Quest Complete

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