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Continent: Flaris

Area: Eastern Flarine.

Starting NPC of the Find the Portrait of Radion Quest and the Legendary RedMantis Quest.
Rudvilhil Tailerz is a collector of money's and rare objects. He doesn't talk to the poor.


World Quote:

  • "I love my money. Can anyone else out there bathe themselves in penya? Ha! I didn't think so!"


  • "Psha! I have no desire to talk to the poor. Leave my property now before I call the authorities! What, are you deaf? I said LEAVE!"

Who are you?:

  • "I told you to leave. *Sigh* Very well, if it'll get you to leave me alone I'll tell you. My name is Rudvihil Tailerz and my passion is collecting. Collecting rare artifacts is my obsession! Well, aside from money, of course."


  • "What? Who doesn't like money?"


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