Rudolph's XMas Wish Event

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image:Rudolph's XMas Wish Event.jpg

Greetings all,

There's a special winter treat in store for you Flyffers and it comes in the form of a peculiar Rudolph Event! And yes, there are 2 Santas chilling in Flarine. (How else do you think he delivers all those presents?)

You see, masquerpets will now be dropping image:Mysterious Ring.png Mysterious Rings.

You can take these image:Mysterious Ring.png Mysterious Rings and bring them to Rudolph's Master right next to the Buff Pang in Flarine.

This extension of Santa will offer to trade you an assortment of awesome prizes if you bring him an upgraded version of that ring. Check out his offers below:

The Rudolph Accessory set is a full compliment of image:Rudolph Ring.png Rudolph Rings, image:Rudolph Earrings.png Rudolph Earrings, and a image:Rudolph Necklace.png Rudolph Necklace, all at +20 out of the box! The Ring provides you with +40 to both STR and Dex, the Earrings provide you with +400 Additional Damage and +40 INT, and the Necklace provides you wtih +1100 HP and +400 DEF.

Wear these accessories as a set and receive the following set bonuses: +20% Increased HP, +15% Melee Block, +15% Ranged Block, +15% Increased Critical Damage, +30% Decreased Magical Casting Time, and +5% Speed.

Note that this quest is repeatable!

It's a simple event with some high stakes, but some good rewards if you're daring.

Good luck Flyffers, enjoy the event!

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