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image:Rock Paper Scissors and Chance Box Drop Event.jpg

Greetings FlyFFers,

We've got two events coming at you this week so I'll keep it nice and short (as short as I can possibly make it...)

  • The first of these is one that I promised that one dude in that one maintenance thread 3 weeks ago. We're bringing back the Rock Paper Scissors Event!!!

For those of you not familiar with this event, the title pretty much explains it all. Meet with the Naughty Demian right in Central Flarine to play a game of Rock Paper Scissors. Win and you'll get some nifty rewards:

  1. Win once and receive 10 Mysterious Pills.
  2. Win twice and receive 3 Scroll of Sprint.
  3. Win thrice and receive 7 Event Moonstones.
  4. Win four times in a row and receive 13 Event Moonstones.
  5. Win five times in a row and receive a 7 Day Scroll of Party EXP.
  6. Win six times in a row and receive 2 Blessing of the Goddess.
  7. Win seven times in a row and receive 6 Scroll of Reversion.
  8. Win eight times in a row and receive Patches the Doll (CS Pick Up Pet).
  9. Win nine times in a row and receive a set of Elegant Black Wings.
  10. Win 10 times in a row and receive a Dragon Cloak of the Initiate.

Note that you must win consecutively in order to win a prize! Fail and you lose the ticket and your chance at winning Remember kids, discretion is sometimes better than blindly trusting your own luck...but for those who have the courage to go for broke, I salute you!

The catch? Well, this mischievous munchkin won't give you the time of day unless you bring him a Rock Paper Scissors Coupon!

How do you get these coupons? Well for one, any old ones from the previous event will work But for those of you who don't have any, you can talk to Karin in Central Flarine and submit to her 5 Pumpkins (which will be randomly dropping off of any regular Masquerpet level 15 and above) and paying her a small sum 100,000 Penya!

For additional details of the Rock Paper Scissors Event: Rock-Paper-Scissors Event (March 2010)

  • The second event we've got for you FlyFFers is a Chance Box Drop Event! As with the Pumpkins, these special boxes,image:PinkWrappedBox.gif Chance Box - Elegant Black Wings, will be dropping off of any regular Masquerpet level 15 and up.

These boxes, along with every single one of their possible contents are non-event!

So there you have it all!!! Enjoy playing RPS with that crazy little rascal, and farm those boxes like mad

Both events will be ending next week maintenance, 03/09/2010!

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