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Starting NPC

Mayor of Flarine Location
Mayor of Flarine Image:NPCMayor of Flarine2.jpg

Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

Quest Starting Location: Central Flaris
Quest : Rock-Paper-Scissors Game
NPC : Mayor of Flarine
Quest Requirement : None
Objective : Trade 10 Pumpkins to the Mayor of Flarine for a Rock-Paper-Scissors Coupon.

Pumpkin x10


Rock-Paper-Scissors Coupon
Image:Beauty Salon Coupon.png

Quest Text:


Accepting Quest Text:


Denying Quest Text:


During Quest Text:


Completed Quest Text:


Next Stage in Quest

  • See Naughty Demian

Starting NPC

Naughty Demian Location
Naughty Demian Image:NPCNaughty Demian2.jpg

Talk to the Naughty Demian while holding your Coupon and let the game begin!

Image:demian dialogue.png



The game is quite easy. Simply select your choice of hand sign by pressing one of the arrows. Then press ok.
As long as you win you use the same coupon. If you lose you will need a new coupon to try again.

Below you will find a picture visually explaining that:

  • Scissors beats Paper
  • Paper beats Rock
  • Rock beats Scissors.

Image:RPS Order.png

Now for the Prizes

Here are the possible rewards for consecutive wins:

Win Icon Item Quantity
1 image:Mysterious_Pill.png Tofu Salad 5
2 image:Premium_Teleport_Map.png Premium Teleport Map 1
3 image:BlessingOfGoddess.png Blessing of the Goddess 1
4 image:ScrollofAprotect.png Scroll of AProtect 2
5 image:ScrollOfXProtect.png Scroll of XProtect 2
6 image:Scroll_of_Awakening_Augmentation.png Scroll of Awakening Augmentation 3
7 image:AwakenCancel.gif Scroll of Reversion 10
8 image:AmplificationES.png Scroll of Amplification ES (S) 20
9 image:DefaultBox7.png S card Random Box 2
10 image:Blessed_Cloak_of_the_Light.png Blessed Cloak of the Light 1


Good luck. You'll need it! image:wink.gif

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