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Here you will find ALL quest items in game.
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Flaris Continent
Twinkle Stone Forform Palin Chupim PeakyRind
Teddy Bear Poporam Fangs Tarin Root Star Stone
Golden Wing

Mars Mine Dungeon
Dungeon Tarin Root Dungeon Star Stone Dungeon Golden Wing

Coral Island
Big Nipper Ink Pouch Crab Shell Crumbly Hair Broken Wing
Great Crown Sharp Canine Keen Tooth Gogloo

Red Crystal Yellow Crystal Green Crystal Blue Crystal

Forsaken Tower
Cat Bell Harpy Feather Gullah Mud Snake Tongue Hague Nail
Tengu Bill Horn of Asterius Magic Bead Strange Ivory Metal Heart

Saint Morning Continent
Golden Wing Blue Honey Flyclaw Mia Doll Furious Match
Cardrin Hammarble Gigglande Bucring Crescent Stone
Boband Dumbling Kalin Clock Heart

Ivillis Dungeon
Tomb Marble Ruby of Joy Golden Cup Trangoggle Ruby of Anger
Grrr Bandage Garbageton Ruby of Sorrow

Garden of Rhisis Continent
Tomb Marble Scoptooth Golden Fist Orbrin Golden Cup

Darkon 1 Continent
Toma Trangoggle Steam Tear Knightler Wheeshoe
Droil Ampere Guardieye Garbageton Eronior

Darkon 2 Continent
Zombyhoe Nuctu-Wheel Zem Mark Sycale Mong Tear
Bomb Timer

Darkon 3 Continent
Grrr Bandage Dumptire Repygle Boopoison Prewing
Poiespore Renyken Tangkask Rootioe Luchest
Eronsimint Hammamer Rnamond Phanbubble Merahook
Nerkymane Rincruet Popshift

The Wilds
Poison Canine Cobra Skin Soft Fur Shattered Blade Tribal Bracelet
Tribal Mask Oversized Heart
The Savage Wilds
Brilliant Poison Canine Brilliant Cobra Skin Brilliant Soft Fur Brilliant Shattered Blade Brilliant Tribal Bracelet
Brilliant Tribal Mask Brilliant Oversized Heart

Volkane Dungeon
Dragon Heart Dragon Tooth Mysterious Eyeball

Poison Bag Troglodon Sword Bolo Necklace Araknoid Flower Reptilion Tooth

Slimy Ant Egg Juicy Scorpede Leg Swiss Cheese Claw of Lykanos Blood of Drakul

Cursed Slimy Ant Egg Cursed Juicy Scorpede Leg Cursed Swiss Cheese Cursed Claw of Lykanos Cursed Blood of Drakul

Valley of the Risen‎ Continent
Hellhound Tooth Gladiator's Mantle Pikeman's Skull Staff Piece Blade Piece
Warrior's Toolbox (General) Razgul's Horn

Catacombs of Anguish Continent
Gryphon Feather Bone Scythe Razor Scythe Necromancy 101 Magic Orb of Darkness
Kheldor's Helm

Kaillun Continent
Hundur Skull Samoset's Skull Kyouchish Claw Kanonicus Sludge Redcloud Skull
Devil's Tooth Heart of Chief Keokuk

Ankou's Asylum Continent
Orcus's Tablet Bead of Nergal Hel's charm Morrigan's Crystal Mara's Mane
Armor of Ghed Ankou's Scale

Traseia Continent
No Quest Items for these masquerpets for now

Dark Traseia Continent
No Quest Items for these masquerpets for now

Bahara Desert Continent
Sand Skitter Feather Rhino Horn Desert Commander Fabric Desert Mage Cane
Rusty Shackle Sage Crown Strange Fruit

Event Quest Items
These Quest items are normally dropped by Masquerpets level 15 and up
Flyff Piece (F) Flyff Piece (L) Flyff Piece (Y) Flyff Piece (O) Flyff Piece (R)
Flyff Piece (U) Flyff Piece (N)


NON Trade-able

Almighty Magnifying Glass Aminus Jewelry Box Aminus Piercing Box
Aminus Treasure Box Black Curse Book Black Heroca
Boggy Map Book of Technique Branka's Leather Ball
Cave Reed Cloak for the Disciple Emeraldmantis egg
Fortress Map Ivilis Revelation Lesson 1
Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Magic Liquor
Meteoritill Mysterious Box NyangNyang
Office Document Piece of Key Rainbow Blossom
Red Powder Rune Stone Scholarship Application
Temple Map Unknown Id Unknown Letter
War Remnant War Scar Yorrn
Stone Piece of Flaris Stone Piece of Darkon Stone Piece of Saintmorning
Piece of Strange Cloth Piece of Unknown Cloth Mysterious Black Gem
Mysterious Red Gem Ancient Book [[]]
[[]] [[]] [[]]


NON Trade-able
Blue message appears on screen and item goes directly to your inventory. Be sure to have free space.

1st Book on Dread 2nd Book on Dread 3rd Book on Dread
Battle Toadrin Heart Black Tombmarble Doridoma Keratin
Entanale Sword item Head of Red Bang Muchurine Secretion
Necklace of Lord Bang Pattern of Ivillis Guardian RedySpawn
Safe of Luda Symbol of Red Bang Troupe Wake Roach Water
[[]] [[]] [[]]


NON Trade-able

Bartholomew Hunt's Second Diary Bone Bowl Decoded Document
Diary of adventurer Doridori Sushi Heart of Arvan
Heart of Dasied Heart of Thyred Label of Technique
Mon Book 1 Mon Book 2 Mon Book 3
Van Harlen's Official Anti-Vampire Field Kit Shiny Gold Nugget Tarin Drink
Recommendation of Gothante Proof of Continental Division Unknown Mark
Book of Trouble History Data Examined by Hakal Book of Laola
Scroll of Gothante [[]] [[]]

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