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!!! WARNING !!!

The following items can ONLY be upgraded using the Baruna Upgrading System!!!

This is a Skill Shield.

Image:Purified Yggdrasil Spellbook1.png
Defense: 100~100
Added bonus:

  • Max. MP+2000
  • Ranged Block+15%
  • Melee Block+15%

Required Job: Mentalist
Required Level: 155 Hero

This spellbook can be obtained from the [Village Chief] Huntrang. You must have all the quest items to exchange for the item.
Required Quest Items
image:Purified Yggdrasil Tree Branches.png Purified Yggdrasil Tree Branch image:Purified Dryad's Spirits.png Purified Dryad's Spirit image:Yggdrasil Leaves.png Yggdrasil Leaf
15 15 15

NPC Price: n/a

Not available to purchase from NPCs.

Drops from the following Flyff Masquerpets:

  • None

This shield can only be obtained as a reward from the Mentalist Job Quest.

This shield can only be upgraded using the Baruna Upgrading System! Once these shields are equipped, they will be soul linked to your character and CAN NOT be banked, warehoused, traded or sold.

This shield CAN NOT be pierced! So it's not possible to place a rune into it.

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