Preparations for Jessica's Chocolate

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Starting NPC

Jessica Location
Jessica Image:NPCJessica2.jpg

Preparations for Jessica's Chocolate

Quest Starting Location: Central Flarine
Quest : Preparations for Jessica's Chocolate
NPC : Jessica
Quest Requirement : Level 15-150
Objective : Collect white chocolate ingredients for Jessica.

  • This is a chain quest!!

50x Fresh Whipped Cream
5x Milk
50x White Chocolate Base
1x Chocolate KIT

Reward: 1x image:White_chocolate_gift_box.png White chocolate gift box

Quest Text:

"I need to make a Valentine gift for Rayn. I'm the queen when it comes to preparing white chocolate, could you help me out?"

Accepting Quest Text:

"Thanks! I will make delicious chocolate. Please bring me the required ingredients."

Denying Quest Text:

"You're mean! How can Valentine's Day be nice with that kind of attitude?"

During Quest Text:

"There is not enough!"

Completed Quest Text:

"Thanks!! Give me a moment to prepare a chocolate box."

Next stage

Jessica's Love Confession

  • Deliver Jessica's chocolate to Rayn

"Could you deliver this gift to Rayn for me? He is west of Saint Morning."

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