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Starting NPC

(Shield2) Colack Location
(Shield2) Colack Image:NPCColack2.jpg

Plot of Colack

Quest Starting Location: Equipment Merchants
Quest : Plot of Colack
NPC : (Shield2) Colack
Quest Requirement : Level 35
Objective : Collect 5 Meteoritil (drop from nothing, in the Fantasy Desert by Hobo)

Meteoritill x5
Fantasy Desert
Click for larger image

Reward: Experience gained

Quest Text:

"Did you know that a huge meteorite fell nearby a few days ago? We usually refine chunks of meteorite into a very rare metal. We call it Meteoritill. It is the best material for making expensive arms or armor in Madrigal. It usually takes about 500 years to get it because meteorites don't fall every day. However, one just fell, so now's our chance! Think you can find me some Meteoritill? I would be very pleased to acquire some."

Accepting Quest Text:

"Keep it secret, though. I don't want the other armorsmiths to find out! Try searching south of Sain City."

Denying Quest Text:

"Pfft! Fine! I'll find someone else to help me, but you better keep your mouth shut!"

During Quest Text:

"You didn't find any? That's a shame. Keep looking! Don't give up!(Looks at Meteoritil again, admiring it)"

Completed Quest Text:

"Oh my… you found it! Real Meteoritill! I'll be rich beyond my wildest dreams! Muahahah!! Oh, I mean uh… I will be sure to make good use of this material. Here's a little something for your trouble. Thanks again, friend!"

Next Stage in Quest

  • Quest Complete

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