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We're always looking for new reasons to give FlyFFers free stuff. That's why we've come up with the Play For Rewards. Here are the details:

Play For Rewards Event (Details):

  • For each character logged in for more than one cumulative hour each day of the event, that character will receive 2 FUN Cards (2 FUN Cards per day, per character). Each day a character logs in for more than one cumulative hour, is tallied up, and the below prizes will be awarded in addition to the FUN Cards:

Event Rewards
Days logged (At least one hour each day) Icon Item Quantity
5 image:Remantis Laccotte.png Remantis Laccotte 10
10 image:EventBox1.png Baby Lawolf (7 Days) 1
15 image:BatterySilver.gif Silver Battery 1
20 image:Scroll of Party Skill 15.png Scroll of Party Skill 1
25 image:GaiaCloak.png Gaia Cloak 1
33 image:PinkWrappedBox.gif Historic Box 1

  • Please Note: The Baby Lawolf (7 Days), Silver Battery and Scroll of Party Skill 15 were "Event classed items" and as such could not be traded. All other rewards can be traded.
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