Patch Notes for 2013 (January to April)

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25 April 2013


18 April 2013


Client Updates:

  • Translation files have been updated.
  • Modifications and bug fixes:
  • Blinkwings of Shaduwar can now be garbaged by the player
  • A quest marker for a quest was misplaced. It will now properly point you to the Puppets hunting area in Saint Morning.
  • The icons of items at the bottom of the personal bank were cut-off. The scroll bar has been adjusted so you can now scroll to the very end of your bank.
  • An invisible targetable object - just next to the FFA Arena - has been removed.
  • The jewel sets Marksman Set (for Ranger/Jester and for Spellcasters) malfunctioning bonuses have been changed:
  • The jewel set for Ranger/Jester now provides:
    • (4 items) +100 ATK [NOTE: possibly precise its the same effect as the Demol Earrings]
    • (4 items) +10% ADC
    • (5 items) +1000 HPs after each kill (unchanged)
  • The jewel set for Adept Set Spellcasters now provides:
    • (4 items) +20 Magic attack
    • (4 items) +20% Faster cast rate (unchanged)
    • (5 items) +500 MPs after each kill (unchanged)
  • The visual effect on fusioned two-handed sticks with the water element is now visible.
  • It is no longer possible to awaken the Collector, as it was useless but would waste a scroll from the player.
  • If a character levels down, it will still be able to use learnt skills from higher levels (for example, an Arcanist level 130 who would go down to level 125 would still be able to use his Arcanist spells like Electric Shock).
  • It was possible to attack yourself if - while being under the effect of Dark Illusion - you used a combo starting with Dark Illusion and followed by aggressive skills, and quickly deselected your target. This will no longer happen!
  • Your character will no longer stop suddenly if you turn while flying at high speed.
  • A character trying to move right before his flying item activates will no longer get teleported randomly on Madrigal.
  • New titles for the third job change enabled. Old titles for Master and Hero Classes are available for the third job class as well.
  • The Venel Heart can now be deleted via drag and drop into the in trash bin of the Inventory.
  • Faster loading between character selection and the character appearing in game.

10 January 2013


  • All events related to Christmas have come to an end.

Client Updates:

  • Yetti has Exp 2x back now.
  • An issue with being stuck in the air when trying to pick up item has been fixed.
  • Minor text changes and system updates.
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