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6 November 2008

  • A long awaited request has finally been answered. Commas will now appear for penya in trade. Counting zeros will no longer be such a troublesome task!

Prior changes that we forgot to notify about:

  • The Pet Tamer has a new functionality added. They will now remove traits awakened on Pick-Up Pets. Please note that this will not work on Raised Pets! In order to awaken a Pick-Up pet, you need to use Scroll of Pet Awakening (Pick-Up Pets) which will be released in the near future.
  • It is now possible to complete the new tutorial without needing a mouse with a scroll wheel. Using Page Up/Page Down will now allow players to advance through the tutorial.
  • The combined effects of stone hand and sonic hand have been reverted to their prior state. Please note that this is a System Change, and not a bug fix.

7 July 2008

No client updates today, however there is a new Game Guard update that has been released. Please make sure you update Game Guard. The update should be applied automatically.

3 July 2008

Small update but huge fix.

  • Four files patched in Game Guard. Game security increased.

24 April 2008

Some of the changes listed in these notes were fixed earlier, but were not listed in prior notes. They are listed here for those who may not be aware.

  • Messaging Guildmates using the V11 Messenger window (Guild tab) now works just like messaging your friends.
  • Guilds on Kern, Demian, and Clockworks should now be able to successfully have a Guild Duel. Please contact if your guild is still unable to complete a Guild duel.
  • Chance of the pet tamer now says "Chance" on all the icons and windows.
  • The text that displays when picking up an item is no longer mispelled.

17 April 2008

  • Windowed mode is not back in the options menu.
  • Resolved some issues serverside that was casing crashes and stability issues on Lawolf.

Side note: If you have Glow (bloom) enabled, but want to disable it, please set it to '0' in neuz.ini. Please see the tech support forums if you require assistance in disabling glow.

10 April 2008

  • Users now have the option to reduce how the glowing effects of weapons are shown on their screen. This was done to help with lag issues in town. Adjusting these settings will not affect how other users see you. To access this option, just open your options menu
  • Trees have been changed to Cherry Blossoms for the spring.
  • Players will now display on the minimap once again!

27 March 2008

  • Added transparency in Azria for objects that are in front of a player.
  • Chance of the Pet Tamer has had its window fixed to reflect the proper naming of the item. (Yes we know the window still says Miracle, it will be fixed soon).
  • The Icon in the Guild Duel section of the guild window now says 'Guild Duel' instead of 'Guild War'
  • The beginner supporter has returned to Flaris and Saint Morning. Please note that this stay may not be permanent.

20 March 2008

  • Fixed the spawn positions of some monsters in Azria.
  • Increased the chance of getting +3, +4, and +5 for the Pet Energy CS item.
  • Increased the rate of collecting Sunstone Pieces, Moonstone Pieces, and other rare collection pieces. (Only for collecting, not normal item drops)
  • Fixed some text related to the Guild Siege NPCs (Talk to Donaris to see new text).

6 March 2008

  • The PvP Arena will no longer disappear when 'Off SFX' is enabled.
  • Guild Text has been changed to a Pink Color. It is not the exact same as shout, but similar.

28 February 2008

  • The Mercenary Skill Guillotine now functions in the arena.
  • The Ringmaster Buff Skills now function on other players while in the arena.
  • Double Clicking on the Revert Item Space while talking to (Upgrade Specialist) BoBoChan now no longer causes a crash.
  • Fixed some minor login problems that users were experiencing.

14 February 2008

  • Version 11 released on the normal game servers.
  • Cards for entering the Dekane Mine and the 3 Main Zones inside the Dekane Mine (Roach, Green Trilipy, Violet Trilipy) are no longer needed. (Please Note that Entering the Blood Trilipy Zone is still not permitted.)
  • While the Pet Tamer will ask you for 10 pieces of pet revival, only 5 are needed for a scroll. This will be fixed to reflect the correct amount next week.
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