Padriag Leprechaun

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Padriag Leprechaun
Padriag Leprechaun
Image:NPCPadriag Leprechaun2.jpg
Continent: Saint Morning

Area: Saint Hall.

In town for St. Patrick's Day
You'll all notice a quaint but cool character next to the Cathedral in Saint Morning. This Leprechaun, yes he's a real leprechaun despite his tall stature, has got two exciting quests to offer!


World Quote:

  • "If you're looking for me pot o' gold, yer in fer a disappointment, friend!"


  • "Hey you! You got any Three or Four-leaf Clovers? I pay hansomely for either one..."

Who are you?:

  • "I'm Padriag the Leprechaun... what's it to you, huh? By the way, the Rainbow Race was my idea. I was gonna hide me gold at the end"


  • ""


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