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Greetings Citizens of Madrigal,

We only have one single new item in the Cash Shop for this week but this single item will surely blow your socks off! It's an old favorite and we've brought back the super duper amazing All Protect Pro Bundle which contains the following items:

  • 30x Scrolls of SProtect
  • 30x Scrolls of AProtect
  • 30x Scrolls of GProtect


  • 5 FREE Bonus Roanin Magic Level Boxes

This amazing bundle goes for 3600 gPotato's which affords you a HUGE savings of 45% OFF Be sure to snatch it up while you can! You know you want to upgrade all of your precious equips in preparation for V16.

Don't go away just yet though! Read on for details on the Octoberfest Quest Event.


Greetings Flyffers,

What's that? It's not October? Yes yes we know However, a certain NPC in Flaris by the name of Boboku would like to celebrate this little festival early He prayed real real hard to the gods of Madrigal and got his wish.

So here's the deal - if you venture to visit this burly man's man, he'll give you a special quest which will require you to collect some Small Toothed Wheels (30 to be exact) and a single Furious Match. Should you manage to bring these items to him, he'll reward you with your very own image:Brewing Kettle.png Brewing Kettle!

Cool huh? No? It's just a kettle :/

Well, just to let you know, you'll need the Brewing Kettle in order to get to the second part of the Octoberfest Chain quest.

Bring your new kettle over to Augustin in Eastern Flaris and he'll give you the option of taking up yet another quest and to continue in the celebration of this festival. He'll want you to go and find 10 image:Sassafras.png Sassafras and 10 image:Sarsaparilla.png Sarsaparillas, both of which drop off of any Masquerpet level 15 and up. Bring these items, plus the Brewing Kettle Boboku gave you, and he'll reward you with a image:PinkWrappedBox.gifFestival Box.

This special chance box has a chance to contain some really sweet goodies, and possibly even a CS set

We won't tell you what exactly is in these boxes though, as finding out and being surprised by what you get, is all a part of the fun in Octoberfest! Oh and one last thing This event will be around for the next 2 weeks, from September 15th, all the way up to September 28th.

Enjoy it citizens of Madrigal, and have a great week!

Additiona information about this quest can be found here - Octoberfest Quest 2010

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