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From the Rental Pang's Rental Items (1) quest you obtain the following items.
Note: These items have a duration from 1 day, which will continue counting down even when not logged in. All items come with a +5 upgrade from start and it is not possible to upgrade, pierce or awake these items.

Newbie's Rental Gear
Newbie's Set
Image:Newbie's Rental (M)set.gif Level Defense Newbie's Rental (M) Set (Male) Newbie's Rental (F) Set (Female) Image:Newbie's Rental (F)set.gif
Icon Name Icon Name
1 167 ~ 170 Image:M_NewbRental_HELMET.png Newbie's Rental (M) Helmet Image:F_NewbRental_HELMET.png Newbie's Rental (F) Helmet
207 ~ 209 Image:M_NewbRental_BOOTS.png Newbie's Rental (M) Boots Image:F_NewbRental_BOOTS.png Newbie's Rental (F) Boots
321 ~ 323 Image:M_NewbRental_GAUNTLET.png Newbie's Rental (M) Gauntlet Image:F_NewbRental_GAUNTLET.png Newbie's Rental (F) Gauntlet
421 ~ 423 Image:M_NewbRental_SUIT.png Newbie's Rental (M) Suit Image:F_NewbRental_SUIT.png Newbie's Rental (F) Suit
Newbie's Rental Weapons
Gear/Stats Gear/Stats
image:Newbie's One-handed Sword.jpg

Newbie's One-Handed Sword for Rent

image:Newbie's Axe.jpg

Newbie's Axe for Rent

image:Newbie's Shield.jpg

Newbie's Shield for Rent

image:Newbie's Knuckle.jpg

Newbie's Knuckle for Rent

image:Newbie's Stick.jpg

Newbie's Stick for Rent

image:Newbie's Wand.jpg

Newbie's Wand for Rent

image:Newbie's Staff.jpg

Newbie's Staff for Rent

image:Newbie's Bow.jpg

Newbie's Bow for Rent

image:Newbie's Yoyo.jpg

Newbie's Yoyo for Rent

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