Nana's Jealousy

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Starting NPC

Nana Location
Nana Image:NPCNana2.jpg

Nana's Jealousy

Quest Starting Location: Central Flarine
Quest : Nana's Jealousy
NPC : Nana
Quest Requirement : Level 15-150 and image:Refusal_letter.png Refusal Letter (for Nana)
Objective : Gather white chocolate ingredients for Nana.

20x Fresh Whipped Cream
20x White Chocolate Base

Reward: 1x image:Burnt_white_chocolate.png Burnt White Chocolate

Quest Text:

"How could Jessica dare to try and cross me?! Well if Rayn likes white chocolate I'll make him change his mind!"

Accepting Quest Text:

"Please bring me some white chocolate ingredients, I have a plan."

Denying Quest Text:

"It's your loss."

During Quest Text:

"There is not enough to disgust Rayn. Please bring me more."

Completed Quest Text:

"There, I have prepared the worst white chocolate ever. I just have to disguise it as Jessica's gift and Rayn will hate her!"

Next Stage in Quest

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