Muran Shields and Weapons

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"The dangers of Ankou's Asylum are not faced in vain. There is the chance for great reward to offset the inevitable hardships you will face. Shields and Weapons of the Muran were lost in the construction of the prison. The power of these weapons is great, but that is only the beginning for the unparalleled arms. Once they are obtained, they can be upgraded to unbelievable extremes."

Muran Shields and Weapons were introduced in Version 16.

  • These weapons CAN NOT be crafted from the Crafting System
  • They CAN NOT be banked, warehoused, traded or sold once they are Soul Linked to you character. (Once equipped, they become soul-linked to the character.)
  • They CAN NOT be upgraded to +10 using sunstones
  • They CAN NOT be upgraded to Ultimates and therefore CAN NOT have jewel slots eg. upgrade level= +6 will give 1 slot.
  • They CAN NOT be elemented. eg. +20 Fire ect.
  • They CAN NOT be awakened.
  • They CAN NOT be reducted. Scroll of Reduction A and Scroll of Reduction B CAN NOT be used on muran weapons and shields.
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