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Market place has been removed, and the old system has been reinstated, players can open shops in Madrigal except in the arena.

How to get there?

You can reach the Madrigal Market Place by talking to (Market Transfer Manager) Soraya located to the right of the mail box in central Flarine.

What's in Madrigal Market Place?

Well, you may have noticed that you can no longer set up a private shop just anywhere in Madrigal. The ONLY place you can set up a private shop is in Madrigal Market Place.

You'll also find a lot of NPC's in this area, they are there to help out with the business of selling and trading.

The following NPC's give access to your bank, so that you can take items out for selling or to store those precious items you have just bought and also to the perin exchange, so that you may convert your riches should you run out of room for penya.

Consignment Shop

Introduced in Version 19 the consignment shop offers player's the ability to sell their treasures without having to set up a Private Shop. All you have to do is hand over the item to one of the NPC's listed below, set the price and pay a small fee for the privilege of not having to set up a private shop. With a bit of luck, your treasure will sell and you may collect your penya.

See Consignment Shop for more details.

How do I get back to Flarine?

To get back to Flarine, visit (Town Transport Manager) Sweetbeans.

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