Lv.90 Bronze Key

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Lv.90 Bronze Key
Lv.90 Bronze Key

Name: Lv.90 Bronze Key
Item Type: Monster Chest Key
Info: A Bronze Key which can open Level 61~ 90 Box
Duration: 1 time use
Sell Price: penya
Stack Size: 99

Where Can I Get One:
They drop from masquerpets

One of the following items may be found in the Masquerpet Treasure Boxes when using this key.
Pizza 10 x Fruit Parfait 10 x Fruit Sherbet 10 x Luxior Axe 1 x
Kergnition 1 x Defnan Bow 1 x Fanta Stick 1 x Fistomber Knuckle 1 x
Twenkeen Staff 1 x Janitor Sword 1 x Darkonizer 1 x Aris Wand 1 x
Wingfull 1 x Comet Shield 1 x Exhaust Axe 1 x Lurknition 1 x
Hydron Bow 1 x Moralemine Stick 1 x Edoren Knuckle 1 x Ruofl Staff 1 x
Blue Jade Sword 1 x Adaptizer 1 x Moira Wand 1 x Anakun 1 x
Icicle Shield 1 x Rukips Set Pieces 1 x Nipedot Set Pieces 1 x Rufoen Set Pieces 1 x
Nirufy Set Pieces 1 x Rokai Set Pieces 1 x Geiler Set Pieces 1 x Rokhantia Set Pieces 1 x
Gesanan Set Pieces 1 x Havey Set Pieces 1 x Phasleb Set Pieces 1 x Hanel Set Pieces 1 x
Phaisel Set Pieces 1 x Khin Set Pieces 1 x Shurib Set Pieces 1 x Khinyker Set Pieces 1 x
Sumifos Set Pieces 1 x Shakyfin Axe 1 x Avnition 1 x Cenatin Bow 1 x
Shinewing Stick 1 x Skellock Knuckle 1 x Featherwing Staff 1 x Zeroth Sword 1 x
Zweigazer 1 x Arcadia Wand 1 x Circern 1 x Hitch Axe 1 x
Kanainition 1 x Cyron Bow 1 x Shalow Stick 1 x Goldross Knuckle 1 x
Holyous Staff 1 x Emeryl Sword 1 x Kaleonizer 1 x Taris Wand 1 x
Mishend 1 x Hileitine Shield 1 x Godchent Set Pieces 1 x Saremender Set Pieces 1 x
Godvean Set Pieces 1 x Saryeve Set Pieces 1 x Spacon Set Pieces 1 x Ruisil Set Pieces 1 x
Spimel Set Pieces 1 x Luses Set Pieces 1 x Ferraol Set Pieces 1 x Cupo Set Pieces 1 x
Festein Set Pieces 1 x Cumel Set Pieces 1 x Skypoon Set Pieces 1 x Rhan Set Pieces 1 x
Psephis Set Pieces 1 x Rhaneat Set Pieces 1 x Catchy Axe 1 x Orcanition 1 x
Sionic Bow 1 x Prede Stick 1 x Blesever Knuckle 1 x Portel Staff 1 x
Chainsing Sword 1 x Gootnizer 1 x Jalate Wand 1 x Slinfes 1 x
Coien Shield 1 x Bead of the Tiger 1 x Bead of the Rabbit 1 x Bead of the Fox 1 x
Bead of the Lion 1 x Bead of Relentless Power 1 x Bead of Clarity 1 x Bead of Focused Power 1 x
Bead of the Steadfast Defender 1 x Bead of the Ardent Defender 1 x Bead of the Reckless 1 x Bead of the Winds 1 x
Bead of Accuracy 1 x Bead of Swiftness 1 x Bead of Power 1 x Bead of the Protector 1 x
Bead of the Sorceror 1 x Bead of Evasion 1 x Bead of Fortitude 1 x Bead of Soul Reaving 1 x
Premium Teleport Map 10 x Scroll of Blessing 3 x Grilled Eel 3 x Upcut Stone 3 x
Scroll of Resurrection 2 x Vital Drink X 2 x Refresher Hold 2 x Scroll of FProtect 2 x
Enhanced Activition 2 x Scroll of Party Skill (7 Days) 1 x Scroll of Smelting 1 x Coral Island Ticket (1 Day) 1 x
Gladiator's Parchment 1 x Scroll of Reversion 1 x Scroll of Amplification ES20 1 x Scroll of SProtect 1 x
Scroll of AProtect 1 x Scroll of GProtect 1 x Scroll of Party EXP (7 Days) 1 x Baruna Oblivion 1 x
Scroll of Amplification ES40 1 x Scroll of XProtect 1 x Blessing of Baruna Grace 1 x Scroll of Awakening Protection 1 x
Scroll of Element Change 1 x Lucky Sunglasses Box 1 x Premium Cloak Box 1 x Dragon Box 1 x
Blessing of the Goddess 1 x Scroll of Pet Blessing (Pick-Up Pets) 1 x Lucky Courage Cloak Box 1 x Lucky Wings Box 1 x
Sacred Bead of Soul Leeching Box 1 x Precious Bead of Soul Leeching Box 1 x

Notice: All items carrying EVENT tag must be kept in Inventory or BackPack. EVENT items are not; Trade-able, Bankable, or Warehouse-able.

Continent Content Color Reference:
World Flaris Coral Island Saint Morning Garden of Rhisis Darkon Azria
Shaduwar Valley of the Risen Kaillun Traseia Dark Traseia Bahara Desert Emporium

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