Love or Hate Valentine's Day Event + The Hunt for Saphyryan

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image:Love or Hate Valentines day event and the hunt for saphyryan.jpg

Greetings all!

There's not one but rather TWO special events on the plate this week :3

The Hunt for Saphyryan

The Saphyryan by kitkate

image:Saphyryan by kitkat.jpg

Here's the frosty beauty designed by kitkate, and the 3rd of the 4 player designed Masquerpets. It's quite large and in charge, and it will be sure to impress . This majestic creature is rumored to be quite rare but it's been unleashed upon the lands of Madrigal. If you're lucky enough to spot one, take a good look and awe at it's amazing gait and statuesque form, but make sure to kill it quick cause it's coming right at you. What does it drop? More of everyone's favorite monster balls, and some good trinkets here and there! Have fun hunting them down, and kitkate, we hope you enjoy your creation!

Please Note: The Saphyryan event finished on the 17th February!

The Love or Hate Event

The second of these new events is quite an interesting one actually. Read on.

You will notice two special new NPCs loafing around Flaris - The (Love Spirit) Angel and the (Hate Spirit) Demon. Both will task you with finding some image:Heart Piece.png Heart Pieces, 100 of them to be exact. Where do you get these Heart Pieces? Well you'll notice some weird fuzzy yettis called Love Thief roaming about the lands of Madrigal. Yep, that's where you get the Heart Pieces - slay em for your new quest items (Don't worry there's actually a ton of these running around). Bring a 100 of these back to their respective quest givers and receive - dun dun dun - either an image:Angel Ticket.png Angel Ticket or a image:Demon Ticket.png Demon Ticket depending on who you complete the quest with. These tickets will do absolutely nothing for now Don't throw them away though, and be sure to hold on to em.

More info on the Quests:

Here's where it get's interesting. After 7 days, the gods of Madrigal will count how many Angel Tickets there are and how many Demon Tickets there are across the entire server for each server. Whichever is the majority, those players holding those respective tickets will be rewarded with a good box, and the others holding the other tickets will receive a lesser box. Confusing? Here's an example: say at the end of the event, there are more Angel Tickets in existence than there are Demon Tickets, those holding the Angel Tickets will be rewarded with a special "good" prize and those holding Demon Tickets will be rewarded with a special "lesser" prize. Get the idea now?

This event encourages you the players to work together with the rest of your cluster mates in order to collect the proper amount tickets so that you may all receive a good prize ^^. Things may not work out that way, but you never know Talk with the rest of your server community and see what you all can muster. Aim for the good prize, and hope for the best!

Update from Patch Notes: The Love or Hate event comes to an end. Unfortunately there was a problem updating this event during maintenance. Please hold on to your tickets as the boxes will be rewarded during next week's maintenance. The boxes will be rewarded 1 box to every 1 ticket.

Patch Notes 2/3/11: The Love or Hate event officially comes to an end. Boxes for both the Angel and Demon have been distributed.

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