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Greetings Flyffers!

We know most of you are out enjoying V17's beta but we thought we'd give you all a reason to at least visit the live servers if only for just a tad

Starting tomorrow and continuing all the way to the end of the month (May 31st) you Flyffers can enjoy a Login Event to score some free stuff!

If you aren't familiar with a Login Event, pretty much all you have to do is log into your main character each and every day up until the end of the month and your character will automatically receive some free items! No need to do any annoying quests, no need to go out and hunt for pesky event Masquerpets; this time we've kept it simple :3

So what do you get? It's a surprise You'll have to log in to find out!

Please Note: Only the first character that you login per account will receive the items

Enjoy the event while it lasts Flyffers and if you're already on Beta, we hope you're having fun finding those pesky bugs!

Note that the items will only be given once per account. The first character that you log into each day will be the one to receive them.

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