Legend of Dradpet -Krren Dacid-

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Starting NPC

(Novelist) Gergantes Location
(Novelist) Gergantes Image:NPCGergantes2.jpg

Legend of Dradpet -Krren Dacid-

Quest Starting Location: Northern Flarine
Quest : Legend of Dradpet -Krren Dacid-
NPC : (Novelist) Gergantes
Quest Requirement : level 30-39
Objective : Kill 1 Gangard and Collect

2nd Book on Dread
Map of Temple
Plain of Bubble

Plain of Bubble
Map of Temple


Heart of Dasied

Quest Text:

"Pssst, hey you! I'm writing a book and I need your help! I'm having a bit of writer's block and I need a brave adventurer to help me write it! Have you ever heard about the legend of Krren Dacid? A long long time ago, there was a very famous adventurer. His name was Krren Dacid. One day, he found an interesting place to adventure… It was a huge temple in the sky. Krren investigated the temple only to become infected by a disease within the cave called Horrible Fear. The disease transformed him into a hideous monster, whom we now call Krrr. There's virtually nothing left of that brave adventurer but bits and pieces, or so they say… So, here's where you come in. I need an ending to the story and I'd like to know what's become of Krrr. So whaddya' say?"

Accepting Quest Text:

"Great! One of those Gangards at the Plain of Bubble scooped up one of my reference books. Defeat the Gangards and acquire the Book of Fear 2. While you're there, try to find the Temple Map."

Denying Quest Text:

"Oh, come on now! Tell you what, I'll give you 50% of the proceeds from the sale of my book when I release it! How does that sound? Bah!"

During Quest Text:

"Look, I know Ganguard's smell bad and all that, so I understand your reservations… but I really need that book."

Completed Quest Text:

"Blessings from Bubble, you've got it! It looks like you do indeed have what it takes to face Krrr. Here, take this. It's Krrr's Heart. <You vomit all over him> Hey, knock it off! If you're done being sick, take the heart to the Dreadpet Manager in Madren Town. You'll have to join a party to enter the temple, it's way too dangerous to go alone."

Next Stage in Quest

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