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Continent: Flaris

Area: Plain of Bubble.

Knight Quest Part 3

Level Requirement : 60

After receiving the the Golden Helmet of Billaon from Hormes, you will be required to deliver it to Kurmin who is keeping a lookout over at the Plain of Bubble. Once you complete this task, you are to seek out and find 8 Soulstones which are regularly dropped by Wheelems.

Kurmin is a girl who has the appearance of a scholar, but has a head full of fluff. She spends countless days in the Plain of Bubble hoping to encounter at least one of the Clown Goddesses which may prove to be foolish if it were to ever come true. Although she's quite the enthusiast with these sort of stories, many agree that she's like a child seeking out their beloved cartoon character to prove their existence.
It may be clear that the Gods to in fact exist for many have seen them, but from what the tales say, and she knows better than anyone. They are not the sort to frolic and grant the wish of every being wishing to be blessed by them. However even so, she believes that one day she may have the chance to meet with them, and her connection with the legendary knight hero Billaon may give her better odds than most.


World Quote:

  • "Hello there, traveler! This area, the plain of Bubble, was created by Bubble himself, long ago."


  • "The earth trembled as the battle between Shade and the Heroes was fought viciously. Scars from this battle can be seen all over madrigal."

Who are you?:

  • "Welcome, my name is Kurmin Hersan and I watch over the Plain of Bubble. It's an amazing area filled with life. It is a powerful place that seems to fill your soul with love and euphoria."


  • "Farewell"


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