Jessica's Love Confession

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Starting NPC

Jessica Location
Jessica Image:NPCJessica2.jpg

Jessica's Love Confession

Quest Starting Location: Central Flarine
Quest : Jessica's Love Confession
NPC : Jessica
Quest Requirement : Level 15-150

Objective : Deliver Jessica's gift to Rayn, then open the box that he will provide to discover if he has rejected Jessica or if he has been seduced (in which case you'll be rewarded).

White chocolate gift box

Sain City

Reward: 1x image:DefaultBox6.png Rayn's box (to Jessica)

Quest Text:

"Could you deliver this gift to Rayn for me? He is west of Saint Morning."

Accepting Quest Text:

"How sweet you are! Thanks! I hope Rayn will be seduced."

Denying Quest Text:

"You are a boring person..."

During Quest Text:

"(Rayn) What is this? Is it from Jessica? I am on guard duty and cannot leave, could you open this box and speak to Jessica?"

Completed Quest Text:

"(Rayn) Ah...Women are really tiresome."

Next Stage in Quest

Open the box and see what it contains.

You can restart the quest chain now.
You will not be able to restart the quest chain unless you also complete Jessica's Jealousy.

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