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This article is actively being worked on by jasenm222. Expect more content to be added in the future.

The map has been totally revamped. Nice new images show each area in the game except for dungeons. So lets go over it a bit. At first it might seam a bit difficult but once you get the hang of it you'll see it is a nice new edition.

So first off Press "M" .
You are greeted with the new world map.

Now If we look at the top there are three menus and a little aibatt.
The first drop down will let you chose between World, Region and Town content. The second lets us chose the area we wish to view.

The third Drop Down Menu lets us select the NPC we would like to have the location of.

This NPC is represented by a small brown and golden icon.

If we select the aibatt then hover over the monster we are searching for we will see his location and Quest item

The new map is resizeable. simply place cursor in the corner, wait for double arrow to appear and drag. It goes from 545x425 to 1280x960.

Also as a new feature on our map we have Coordinates and such.

Users can set marks on the map (Ctrl + Mouse Right Button on Map, an "X" will appear)

User can have up to 20 locations stored during a play sessions (all locations lost if the user logs out)

Right Mouse Click a Location to get Options:

Delete - Delete only this location
Delete All - Delete all locations
Add on the Chat - adds the link to chat so that it can be sent to another player
Change Name - add a name to your mark (max 16 letters)

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