Instance Dungeon Aggro System

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This new system was introduced in the v16 update. For now it affects only Ankou's Asylum. In this new system dungeon monsters will select a target by the amount of Aggro points and player has. Thus giving him the possibility of changing target as the battle advances. Always attacking the one with the most points. Ways to accumulate aggro points are:

  • Walking in range of a hostile monster.
  • Being the first to attack a monster.
  • Damaging a monster.
  • Healing the current target of a monster.
  • Buffing the current target of a monster.
  • Debuffing the Monster.

Method's of reducing Aggro Points are:

  • Leaving the instance dungeon
  • Run a certain distance away from the monster
  • The monster leaves its roaming area and resets itself
  • Loging off
  • Death

  • Note that we have no information on what amounts of aggro are generated by those triggers
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