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Starting NPC

Vaelishe Location
Vaelishe Image:NPCVaelishe2.jpg

Helper Text Book

Quest Starting Location: Central Flarine
Quest : Helper Text Book
NPC : Vaelishe
Quest Requirement : Level 20-25
Objective : Get Lessons 1 and 2 text book in little field to the left side of the Public Office and return to Is

Helper text book
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Lesson 1
Image:lesson 1.png
Lesson 2
Image:lesson 2.png
Mayor of Flarine

Reward: Experience gained (10% at lvl 20)

Quest Text:

"What am I going to do? Oh my... What? You're curious as to why I'm so nervous? Actually, we Helpers have a test once every year and I'm no good under pressure. The test is very soon, and the date was just moved up all of the sudden! I am so worried! I'm a good helper, so I should pass and all, but I want to be the best!! I have never taken first place because of that know-it-all Herth, and I absolutely must beat her this year! I will do anything to come in first place and I need your help! So will you help me, stranger?"

Accepting Quest Text:

"I need lessons 1 and 2 of the Helper Text Books. I understand that both lessons can be found in the flower bed behind the Public Office. Will you bring it to me?"

Denying Quest Text:

"You know, people nowadays are only worried about themselves. Typical…"

During Quest Text:

"Do you have the Helper Text Books I need? Please hurry, the test is very soon. I'm so nervous!"

Completed Quest Text:

"Hmmm yes! These are the ones! So this must be the range of possible questions, huh? Yes, it all makes sense now! This is the information I needed. This will really help me put Herth in her place. Thank you very much, my friend! Please see me anytime if you need my help."

Next Stage in Quest

  • Quest Complete

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