Happy Thanksgiving Event!!!

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image:Happy Thanksgiving Event banner.jpg

Greetings Flyffers!

What would Thanksgiving in Madrigal be without some Turkeys? I don't know myself but I shudder to imagine what it would be like - though I'm sure it would certainly be made of some serious fail...

So in honor of the said holiday, little miniature Gobblers will be running around in droves throughout the lands of Madrigal. They're cute, they're crimson and feathery, but they're certainly made of win.

No annoying quests this time around, no collecting tokens, no need to trade pieces of something to get something kewl. Just find em, hunt em down, they've got a chance to drop an awesome little image:Cornucopia.png Cornucopia that has a chance to contain some awesome phat loot!

Enjoy it Flyffers and Happy Thanksgiving!

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