Happy Easter Fun Time and the Return of Mocomochi!

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image:Happy Easter fun time + Mocomochi.png

Hello FlyFFers,

While we know you're all excited for the v15 Beta and the eventual launch of v15 itself, we'd just like to remind you all that Easter is happening right now on the live servers That's right, we've got a couple of fun festivities lined up to celebrate the season!

The first of these is The Easter Egg Hunt event. You'll all be noticing dozens upon dozens of image:Easter Egg.png Easter Eggs dropping off of any regular masquerpet level 15 and above. What do you do with these eggs you might ask? Well, bring 100 of these Easter Eggs to the (Artisan) Egg Decorator in Flaris and he'll reward you with a image:Festive Easter Egg Basket.png Festive Easter Egg Basket.

This nifty little basket will possess 1 of any of the following:

Icon Item Effect
image:Purple Egg.png Purple Egg Increases your STA by +3 for 5 minutes
image:Green Egg.png Green Egg Increases your INT by +3 for 5 minutes
image:Blue Egg.png Blue Egg Increases your DEX by +3 for 5 minutes
image:Red Egg.png Red Egg Increases your STR by +3 for 5 minutes
image:Sky Blue Egg.png Sky Blue Egg Increases your Parry Rate by 5% for 5 minutes
image:Pink Egg.png Pink Egg Increases your Critical Hit Chance by 5% for 5 minutes
image:Yellow Egg.png Yellow Egg Increases your Attack Speed by 5% for 5 minutes
image:White Egg.png White Egg Decreases your Casting Time by 5% for 5 minutes
image:Gray Egg.png Gray Egg Increases your Defense by +3 for 5 minutes
image:Orange Egg.png Orange Egg Increases your Chance to Hit by 5% for 5 minutes

Note 1: I know what you're all thinking - 100 eggs?!? However, I am telling you, these things will drop like no tomorrow...you'll probably get sick of seeing all these eggs. Plus, they stack up to 999! Yus, that is 3 9s

Note 2: The Festive Easter Egg Basket and each and ever single one of it's contents are non event and tradable.

Note 3: This event will run for 2 weeks, and will end on April 13th, 2010

Now, the second event heading your way is vicious...absolutely vicious. That infernal, dastardly bunny with his sadistically evil cute powers is back - and he plans on using those powers to his every advantage.

For the next 7 days and ending on April 6th, 2010, Mocomochi will be spawning at various spots throughout Madrigal. HUNT HIM DOWN! Do so and he will possibly drop one of three Jester hats named after the clown gods of FlyFF.

Btw I'm just joking. We all love Mocomochi!!! He's awesome isn't he?

Alright, there you have it FlyFFers, enjoy the Easter events, we'll see you all real soon.

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