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Small Guild House

Finally a place for your guild to meet. Introduced in the version 15 update the Guild Club House. To acquire a Guild House your guild must be a level 3 and it must have 12 players Once you meet the requirements you must speak with the (Guild House Manager) Bertha. Select Purchase Guild House from her drop down menu. The initial fee is 100mil and gives you one paid week of rent. Fee's are payable by the day. Cost is 2.4mil a day, 72mil for 1 month/31 days.

Note: If you happen to forget to pay the fee and the Guild House expires, you do not have to pay 100mil again, just a one day fee (2.4mil) so that you have access again to your Guild House.

Basic Guild House features
Guild House Menu Tax free vendor
Image:guild house menu.jpg Image:Tax free vendor.jpg

Image:Summon Apprentice Teleporter.png image:Summon Master Teleporter.png
(Apprentice Teleporter) Tanya Nooks 6 Tel Pads (Master Teleporter) Janeway 14 Tele Pads

Elegant Guild House Furniture

Provides bonus to all guild members when installed. Lasts 7 days.

Icon Item Icon Item Icon Item
Image:Elegant Guild House Sofa.png Sofa
An elegant sofa for a guild house. +5 STA
Image:Elegant Guild House Bookshelf.png Bookshelf
An elegant bookshelf for a guild house. +5 INT
Image:Elegant Guild House End Table.png End Table
An elegant end table for a guild house. +5 DEX
Image:Elegant Guild House Chair.png Chair
An elegant chair for a guild house. +2 STR
Image:Elegant Guild House Table.png Table
An elegant table for a guild house. +5% Block Rate
Image:Elegant Guild House Carpet.png Carpet
Elegant carpeting for a guild house. +10% Run Speed
Image:Elegant Guild House Wallpaper.png Wallpaper
An elegant wallpaper for a guild house. 10% Attack Speed
Image:Bubble's EXP Crystal.png Bubble's EXP Crystal
Allows the use of the Bubble Time Guage For bonus EXP.
image:Guild House Return Scroll.png Guild House Return Scroll
Teleports you directly into guild house.

!!! This article is incomplete and is in need of GM attention !!!

System is not Working at the moment Once it starts up we will remove this notice.

Medium Guild House

Acquired through auction these are real houses. You actually own a piece of real estate in Madrigal. These are the towns that have homes to sell/rent.

(Guild House Manager) Bertha
Sain City
(Guild House Manager) Bertha
(Guild House Manager) Rodella
"400px" "400px" "400px"

Simply visit the any Guild Manager for details then place your bid. Visit respective Guild Mark to see who is bidding.

Guild Mark Menu
Guild Mark

Bid system for Medium Houses

Medium Guild Houses will be auctioned in one town at a time the order of the towns is as follows: Flaris > Saint Morning > Eillun

Bid Process Steps

  • 1 - Bid Notice - Bids held ??? to ??? between ??:00 pst and ??:59:99pst
  • Event will not trigger if there are no Houses available
  • Bid Announcement
"Medium Guild House Bid will be started from Thursday 15:00. Meet Guild House Manager for more details!!!"

  • 2 - Bid Starts - Guild House Manager in the respective town will accept Bids
  • Able to Bid ??? ??:00 pst to ??? ??:59:59 pst.
  • Requirements to Bid
  • Must be Guild Master
  • Guild must be level ##
  • Must own a Small Guild House
  • Can not already own a Medium Guild House
  • Must posses the amount of Penya they are bidding
  • Can not bid on two Guild Houses at once
  • Notice will trigger every 3 hours during this time
"Guild Masters, please be informed that the medium guild house bidding will be started in the town XXX. "
  • 3 - Steps to Bid
  • Speak to the Guild House Manager who corresponds to the current auction
  • Choose Medium Guild House from her options
The following Menu will be displayed

  • Max bid is 420 Perin

  • 4 - Bid Deadline - Bidding is concluded

  • 5 - Bid Opening - Internal Procedure
  • Choose Bid Winner

  • 6 - Conditions to Win the Bid
  • No bidders equals no winners
  • If there is only one bidder they automatically win
  • If there are 2 or more bidders, then the highest bidder wins
  • If there is a tie then the first person to bid that amount wins

  • 7 - Bid Refund - Loosing bids are refunded
  • A 1% commission is charged, this is an adjustable amount

  • 8 - Bid Ends - Bidding is over, and the winner owns the Guild House
  • If there is no winner, then the house will be for bid the following week

  • Internal Structure
  • New concept
  • 4 times as large
  • 4 Rooms
  • Living Room - Given
  • Bed Room - Given
  • Study - Quest Reward
  • Bath Room - Quest Reward

  • Expansion Quests - entire party must be in guild
  • Noisy Guild = Gather 40 guild members
  • Brave Guild = Kill a Giant Luia and a Giant Gongury with your Guild.
  • Ultimate Guild = Win the Guild Siege.

  • Penalties
  • If maintenance is not kept up, the house will be re-auctioned
  • Everything inside is dissolved
  • Reverts to small guild house

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