Gladiator's Silver 1H Sword

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This weapon is a Gladiator's Silver Weapon.

Image:Gladiator's Silver 1H Sword.png
One-handed weapon
Attack: 248 ~ 250
Attack speed: Very fast
Added bonus:
Atk Speed+12%, Critical+12%, ICD+28%, HP+100, Hit+10%
Required Job: Mercenary
Required Level: 90

This weapon can be obtained from the Colosseum. You must have all the required tokens to exchange for the prize.
Required Tokens
image:Blue Token of Valor.png Blue Token of Valor image:Red Token of Valor.png Red Token of Valor image:Champion's Token.png Champion's Token
5,400 1,080 18

NPC Price: n/a

Not available to purchase from NPCs using penya.

Drops from the following Flyff Masquerpets:

  • Does NOT drop from any Masquerpet / Monsters.

An experienced gladiator's weapon. Forged for those who seek glory in the Colosseum. This weapon can only be obtained from the Colosseum. It CAN NOT be crafted from the crafting system. This weapon is NOT Soul Linked and can be traded, sold, banked and warehoused.

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