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A Community Manager (hereafter referred to as CM) is an employee of WEBZEN who handles administrative duties both inside and outside of the game. A detailed list of a Community Manager's tasks can be found in the Community Manager & Company Overview.

If you require any assistance please submit a ticket to the support team here. Or check out the forums if it is not an account related issue.

Who are the Community Managers & Moderators?

CMs can appear on any server in the FlyFF world, and always have the same name wherever they do. However MODs can only appear within their designated server(s) as shown in the below list. A CM/MOD will never ask you for your password.

Below is a list of Flyff officials:

Community Managers

  • Piccolo (DE/US/EU Flyff)*
  • Spikez (US/EU Flyff)*
  • Klaig (FR/US/EU Flyff)*
  • Rakai (DE/US/EU Flyff)*



  • NyKo (Senior)*
  • Serabell (Junior)
  • Entrosum (Junior)


  • Amenofus (Senior)*
  • Kumo (Normal)


  • Soupanelle (Senior)*
  • Nanonymous (Junior)*

Please note: Official in-game characters have a [CM], (CM) or [MOD] tag in front of their name and are part of the WEBZEN, Moderators (DE/US/EN) or WebzenOfficiel (FR) guilds.

* CM/MOD has an in-game character
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