GM Bake Sale (July 2010)

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GM Bake Sales Next Week!!! (07/19 - 07/23)
Image:GM Bake Sale.jpg

Hello Flyffers!

It's been quite a while since we've done one of these (in fact it's been a while since we've done an official in game event Image:surprise.gif so we figure now's the time to have one.

For those of you not familiar, we the GMs will be hosting an in game bake sale throughout all servers next week. The culinary delights we'll be selling are posted right there on the image, so be sure to check us out and come prepared. It's a chance to stock up on some restoratives other than remantis for once, and you can be sure that we'll have some other surprises for sale as well Image:wink.gif

Server schedule is as follows:

* Monday 07/19/2010: Glaphan (10AM - 1PM PST) and Demian (3PM - 6PM PST)
* Tuesday 07/20/2010: Lawolf (10AM - 1PM PST) and Kern (3PM - 6PM PST)
* Thursday 07/22/2010: Mushpoie (10AM - 1PM PST) and Mia (3PM - 6PM PST)
* Friday 07/23/2010: Aibatt (10AM - 1PM PST) and Clockworks (3PM - 6PM PST)

See you there ladies and gents Image:Laugh.gif Image:Laugh.gif Image:Laugh.gif Image:Laugh.gif Image:Laugh.gif

Item Price (Penya)
image:White Cake.png White Cake 100,000
image:Green Cake.png Green Cake 50,000
image:Pink Cake.png Pink Cake 50,000
image:Gold Macaron.png Gold Macaron 300,000
image:Pink Macaron.png Pink Macaron 300,000
image:Green Macaron.png Green Macaron 300,000
image:Red Macaron.png Red Macaron 300,000
image:Blue Macaron.png Blue Macaron 300,000

Please Note: There are additional items being sold at this GM Bake Sale. These include the following items but is NOT limited to this: Super Hot Dogs, Sugar Boosts, Green Root Beer, Flash Charms, Concoction of Profuse Bleeding, Milk Chocolate, Christmas Cake, Love Chocolates and Gingerbread.

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