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image:Flyff Music Festival & Cheer Exp Event!!!.jpg

Greetings Flyffers!

You may have noticed from last week that magical musical notes, and possibly a wacky item known as image:Flami's Guitar.png "Flami's Guitar" have been dropping off of Masquerpets levels 15 and up. You might have been wondering what these were for but low and behold, two new NPCs by the names of Hendel and Nightmare Flami in central Flarine will tell you all about em.

You see, all you gotta do is collect these quest items, bring them to either Hendel or Flami, and exchange them for some sweet rewards. Find Flami's Guitar and you can even exchange it for a sweet image:Galaxy Guitar.png Galaxy Guitar Flying Board! This is the fastest board in the game and it's super rare!

With that said, hunt and level like you normally do, or farm like mad , and bring these musical constructs to the quest npcs for some great goodies! Note that the Flyff Music Festival ends on July 5th.

Hendel's exchange menu:

Event Rewards
Collect Exchange for...
image:Yellow Note.png Yellow Note x5 image:Premium Teleport Map.png Premium Teleport Map x1
image:Yellow Note.png Yellow Note x15 image:FlyForFun Bundle Box.png FlyForFun Bundle Box x1
image:Red Note.png Red Note x5 image:Treasure Box of the Fighter.png Treasure Box of the Fighter x1
image:Red Note.png Red Note x15 image:2nd Grade - Master Teleporter.png Medium Guild House Teleporter x1
image:Blue Note.png Blue Note x5 image:Resurrection Box.png Resurrection Box x1
image:Blue Note.png Blue Note x15 image:Mystic Flask Box.png Mystic Flask Box x1
image:Green Note.png Green Note x5 image:Soul Dancer.png Soul Dancer x1
image:Green Note.png Green Note x15 image:Scroll of Pet Revival (S Class).png Scroll of Pet Revival (S Class) x1

For the Galaxy Guitar Quest information: Milky Way Guitar

Last but definitely not least, there's also a 3x Cheer Exp event going on that lasts up until June 26th!

Enjoy the events Flyffers, and as always, stay classy in Madrigal throughout your adventures!

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