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The Flyff Fan Appreciation Event ran from November 13 through November 23, 2008. It consisted of the following parts listed below.


3x Experience Event

During the entire length of the event, all players received 3x the normal experience rate.

Drop Event

  • During the length of the event, image:Sunstone.gif Event Sunstones and image:Moonstone.gif Event Moonstones could drop from any monster level 10 or higher.
  • In addition, image:MysteriousBag.gif Mysterious Bags had a chance of dropping from any monster level 10 or higher. The possible items to obtain from this bag are listed below.
image:DragonCloak.png Dragon Cloak of the Initiate
Image:Flying_Special_Hera.png Hera Hoverbike
image:Flying_Special_Horse.png Wooden Horse
Image:Flying_Special_Snow.png Snowboard
Image:Coke_bear.png BabyPolarBear
Image:Dog.png Doggy
image:Cat.png Kitty
image:CommonBank.gif Common Bank 15
image:ExpandPartySkill15.gif Enhanced Party Skill Range 15day
image:FullShout.gif Full Shout 15day
image:Sprotect1.gif Scroll of SProtect x2
image:Smelting1.gif Scroll of Smelting x2
image:Activition.gif Activition x7
image:UpcutStone.gif Upcut Stone x5
image:RefresherHold.gif Refresher Hold x5
image:VitaldrinkX.gif Vital Drink X x5

Login Gifts

Every day of the event, every character level 15 or higher received all of the following items in their inventory upon logging in, once per day.

image:PinkWrappedBox.gif Medicine Gift Box
Image:GProtect.gif Scroll of GProtect
image:ScrollAprotect.gif Scroll of AProtect
Image:Sprotect1.gif Scroll of SProtect
Image:Flying_Special_Sleigh.png Disposable Lawolf Sled (Non-Tradeable)
Image:EventBox1.png Baby Tiger (1 day) (Non-Tradeable)
image:Azria Ticket.png Azria Ticket (1 day)

Cash Shop Sale

For the entire length of the event, the Cash Shop had a 20% off sale on every single item.

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