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Hey there Flyffers,

The Flyff Team is bringing you a new event... and this one is unlike any we’ve ever done before.

From November 27th to December 17th monsters will start dropping Letter Cards.

Letter Cards
image:F Card.png F Card
image:L Card.png L Card
image:N Card.png N Card
image:O Card.png O Card
image:R Card.png R Card
image:U Card.png U Card
image:Y Card.png Y Card

Turn these cards into the Card Master in Flaris to get items which will provide you with special buffs for a period of time.

Spell... And get...
FLY image:FLY.png FLY
FOR image:FOR.png FOR
FUN image:FUN.png FUN

The players that turn in the most completed words during this event will win a special prize!

The player that turns in the most completeted words per server will receive a Legendary Golden Box.

Three players per server will be our runners-up. They will receive an Angel Box.

Remember, this event only works with the new Letter Cards, not any from previous events.

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