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~*FlyFF Crazy Wintertainment 2013*~


"Jingle bells, jingle bells,
jingle all the way!
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh!"

You too sing with all the NPC of Madrigal!
From the 28th of November until the 2nd of January ,
NPCs will come to celebrate Christmas with you!
They are all bringing marvelous presents for you!

All they want is a little help...

Danny the Snowboy will reward you with a special Pet when you help his Melted Dad!
Be Santa's Special Helper and Ruby will show her gratitude!
The Spirit of Christmas has not only caught Martin and Bozman!
Santa needs you to find his stolen Present Boxes and Shade's Gift will be upon you!
He also put up a Quest for the Golden Apples and he'll give you Red Stockings! (The Mysterious Collector seemed rather interested in those stockings, by the way...)

A new NPC will also come to visit you !
Baby Snowman needs your help to Build a Teddy for Christmas!
He is also more than ready for a grand Golden Snowflake Exchange where you can receive some great rewards!

But that's not all!
From November 29th til December 1st you will receive double XP (triple on Yetti) and the drop chance has been doubled too!

We all wish you a Merry Christmas on Flyff!

~The gPotato, Mod and Wiki Team~

And who knows...this may not have been all of it yet C:

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