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image:Ranger_Eye of the Hawk2.gif
Ranger's Eye of the Hawk Skill Animation

image:Ranger_Eye of the Hawk.png
Description: Increases Bow attack range (Hawkeye).
Class: Ranger
Item needed: No Preference
Player lvl: 121H
Max Skill lvl: 5
Pre-Skill 1: None lvl:
Pre-Skill 2: lvl:
Attack Type: Self Buff
Region of Effect: Self
Attack Range: None
Skill Element: N/A
Combo Style: image:Normalskill.gif
May be placed in Action Slot: No
Casting Time: None
Damage Over Time (DOT):None
Stat 1 affecting Skill: None
Stat 2 affecting Skill:

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The new skill must be activated. To do so you must go the the Mysterious Robed Girl and chose the option to level up hero skill. A new window will appear, here place one of each jewel, Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, and Topaz.

Leveling your new Hero skill is like upgrading your equips. You sacrifice the five jewels for each attempt. For fast usage you may double click the Jewels in inventory and they will automatic place themselves in upgrade window. The skill has 5 levels. Like in all upgrading this can fail. If so you keep the initiate level, you lose the jewels and must start over.

This skill has a maximum level of 5 and requires 0 Skill Points per level of skill.

Attack value present in skill table is simply a variable used in the calculation of damage.
In "General" the timer is for status change effect

Skill lvl Effect 1 % Prob All FP and All MP Used Min : Sec CoolDown
1 Hawkeye Rate +30% 100% All FP and All MP 2:00 0:05 sec
2 Hawkeye Rate +30% 100% All FP and All MP 4:00 0:05 sec
3 Hawkeye Rate +30% 100% All FP and All MP 6:00 0:05 sec
4 Hawkeye Rate +30% 100% All FP and All MP 8:00 0:05 sec
5 Hawkeye Rate +30% 100% All FP and All MP 10:00 0:05 sec

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