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The Candy Cane Master is blessing anyone that brings an upgraded Candy Cane to him with epic rewards and gifts, and not to mention an all brand spanking new Eversnow Accessory Set. Where to get a Candy Cane? Hunt down some Masquerpets! Candy Canes will be dropping off monsters above level 15. Upgrade these Candy Canes like you would regularly upgrade rings and necklaces with moonstones all the way to +20. Turn in these upgraded Candy Cane to The Candy Cane Master for your hard earned reward!!'

From the 12th of December 2013 until the 9th of January 2014, image:CandyCane.png Candy Canes will be dropping from masquerpets above lvl 15. Upgrade a Candy Cane to exchange with The Candy Cane Master in Flarine for various items. Upgrading Candy Canes works like upgrading jewlery; you will need to use image:Moonstone.gifMoonstones.

  • Important: Upgrading the Candy Cane past +3 can cause the item to break. It is recommended to use image:ScrollAprotect.gif Scroll of AProtects!

Candy Cane Exchange
Upgraded Candy Cane Reward Quantity
+6 ~ +9 image:Ampere.gif Santa Trans (2 Hours) x5
+10 ~ +12 image:Mystic Flask Box.png Mystic Flask Box x1
+13 ~ +15 image:Scroll of Amplification R (30 Days).png Scroll of Amplification R (1 Day) x3
+16 ~ +18 image:Scroll of Amplification Q (30 Days).png Scroll of Amplification Q (7 Day) x3
+19 ~ +19 image:itm_RandomPackbox01-32.png Santa's First Present Box x1
+20 ~ +20 image:itm_RandomPackbox01-32.png Eversnow Accessory Box x1

Good Luck!

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