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This is a list of boxes that have been made available during events or have been included in Cash Shop bundles.
image:Angel Box.png Angel Box image:Awakening Protection Box.png Awakening Protection Box image:Blue School Bag.png Blue School Bag
Image:Box of Envious Green Armor Bits.png Box of Envious Green Armor Bits image:PinkWrappedBox.gif Chance Box - Elegant Black Wings image:Chance Box - Spike.png Chance Box - Spike
image:Christmas Gift Box.png Christmas Gift Box image:PinkWrappedBox.gif Clock Bike Chance Box image:CloudBox.gif Cloud Box
image:Cute Frog Box.png Cute Frog Box image:Blue Event Box.png Event Gift Box image:PinkWrappedBox.gif Festival Box
image:Festive Easter Egg Basket.png Festive Easter Egg Basket image:Firecracker Box.png Firecracker Box image:Pink Event Box.png Flyff Card Box
image:Gift Box for Vagrant.png Gift Box for Vagrant image:Glasses Box.png Glasses Box image:GreenBox.png Green Box
image:PinkBox.png Lawolf Trans Box image:Little Maid Cardpuppet Box.png Little Maid Cardpuppet Box image:PurpleBox.png Losha Trans Box
image:PinkWrappedBox.gif Lucky Box (Dragon) image:PinkWrappedBox.gif Lucky Box (Little Mia) image:PinkWrappedBox.gif Medicine Gift Box
image:Mad Alchemists Cloak Box.png Mad Alchemists Cloak Box image:MysteriousBag.gif Mysterious Bag image:PinkWrappedBox.gif NarKeni's Potion Boxes of the Murderous Vagrant
Image:Polynikes Victorious Glasses Box A.png Polynikes Victorious Glasses Box A Image:Polynikes Victorious Glasses Box B.png Polynikes Victorious Glasses Box B image:Premium Box.png Premium Box
image:Rainbow Box.png Rainbow Box image:Red School Bag.png Red School Bag image:Red Sock.png Red Stockings
image:Pink Event Box.png Rhisis' Blessed Treasure Box image:PinkWrappedBox.gif Roanin's Magic Level Box image:Running of the Dumb Bull Box.png Running of the Dumb Bull Box
Image:Saint Patrick's Day Box.png Saint Patrick's Day Box image:Shiny Weapon Box.png Shiny Weapon Box image:Transportation Box 2 (Dragon Stick).png Transportation Box 2 (Dragon Stick)
image:Treasure Box.png Treasure Box image:EventBox1.png Trick or Treat Box (2008) image:EventBox1.png Trick or Treat Box (2009)
image:Trophy Box.png Trophy Box image:ClothesBox.gif Twilight of Darkness Chance Box image:Valentine's Day Gift.png Valentine's Day Gift
image:Alchemy Box.png Van Harlen's Official Anti-Vampire Field Kit image:Yellow School Bag.png Yellow School Bag image:White Rabbit Chance Box.png White Rabbit Chance Box
image:Cornucopia.png Cornucopia Image:Holiday Gift Box.gif Holiday Gift Box image:ClothesBox.gif Flyffer's Fortune Box I
image:ClothesBox.gif Flyffer's Fortune Box II image:ClothesBox.gif Flyffer's Fortune Box III image:ClothesBox.gif Flyffer's Fortune Box IV
image:PinkBox.png Gold Package image:Chocolate of Friendship.png Chocolate of Friendship image:ClothesBox.gif Bloody Mary's Favor
image:ClothesBox.gif R.DeFeo Bounty image:Finely Crafted Valentine's Day Box.png Finely Crafted Valentine's Day Box image:Shabby Valentine's Day Box.png Shabby Valentine's Day Box
image:Translucent Dragonfly Wings Chance Box.png Translucent Dragonfly Wings Chance Box image:Special Upgrade Box.png Special Upgrade Box image:Treasure Box A.png Treasure Box A
image:Treasure Box B.png Treasure Box B

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