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Here you will find the list of works in progress of Active Wiki Editors. Also if as an editor you have suggestions on something that should be fixed or implemented post it here.



Active Editors

Piccolo Status: Active Lead Editor
NyKo Status: Active Editor
WikiGuest Status: Active Editor

Editing Help

Projects that need to be done

V21 - Turning Point Part 2 - 27 March 2018 (Subject to change)

V20 - Turning Point Part 1 - 16 August 2016

V19 - "Flyff Gold"

MISC Projects


Webzen released news on TURNING POINT PART 2 HORRAY.

First look at new dungeon streamed on Twitch March 15th

09th March 2018: FLYFF: Turning Point Part 2 - The Mars Mine
09th March 2018: FLYFF: Turning Point Part 2 - Set for European & American Regions This March
13th March 2018: FLYFF: Turning Point Part 2 - New Weapons and Armors
17th March 2018: FLYFF: Turning Point Part 2 - Costume Features
22nd March 2018: FLYFF: Turning Point Part 2 - Guild Siege changes
24th March 2018: FLYFF: Turning Point Part 2 - Interface, Drop and premium area!

So I will do my best to update information as soon as it is released!


These thing were addressed on the forum as being missing or in lack of information,

Website issues

Deleting images has been an issue for a while now. I found a way to work around simply insert your images page name in space and copy the whole address into the address bar press enter and you will be on pages delete page.

So you right click on image you want to delete, then select "view image" or "image info" to get its page name. You want the name not the address. This won't work on images that have been replaced.

sample http://flyff-wiki.gpotato.com/index.php?title=Image: Small_Luianav.jpg &action=delete
http://flyff-wiki.gpotato.com/index.php?title=Image: page name &action=delete

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