Dumb Bull Matador

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Dumb Bull Matador
Image:NPCDumb Bull Matador2.jpg
Continent: Flaris

Area: Central Flarine.

Image:NPCDumb Bull Matador3.jpg
Continent: Saint Morning

Area: Sain City.

Image:NPCDumb Bull Matador4.jpg
Continent: Darkon

Area: Darken.

In town for the Rampaging Dumb Bull Event
New and imposing dudes going by the name of Dumb Bull Matador will be stationed in Flaris, Saint Morning and Darkon. They have a special quest for all those brave enough to deal with some mad cow.


World Quote:

  • "Look out for that Dumb Bull! I'm just kidding!"


  • "You look like you can handle yourself pretty well."

Who are you?:

  • "I am the Dumb Bull Matador! I come from a distant land to share with you an exciting tradition that we hold every year; the Running of the Dumb Bulls? I was the best Matador back in my prime."


  • "Adios, my friend."


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