Doridori Sushi (Quest)

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Starting NPC

SsotTta Location
SsotTta Image:NPCSsotTta2.jpg

Doridori Sushi (Quest)

Quest Starting Location: Food Shop
Quest : Doridori Sushi (Quest)
NPC : SsotTta
Quest Requirement : Level 10
Objective : Collect

Muchurine Secretions
Image:Muchurine Secretions.png
Doridoma Keratin
Image:Doridoma Keratin.png
Captain Mushpang

Small Doridoma

Reward: 5 Doridori Sushi

Doridori Sushi

Quest Text:

"Finally! The time has come to learn how to make Doridori Sushi. I just need some ingredients! I'll need to practice the recipe so that I can master it. Oh boy, Doridori Sushi is the best sushi in Madrigal! I can't wait! Tell you what, if you help me, I will give you some of this fantastic sushi. How's that sound?"

Accepting Quest Text:

"I knew you wouldn't be able to resist! Now, bring me the following materials: 12 Doridoma Keratins and 5 Mushurines. You can get them from Small Doridomas and Captain Mushpangs."

Denying Quest Text:

"You have no idea how delicious my sushi is. Oh well. Your loss!"

During Quest Text:

"I know they can be hard to find, but I'd really like to learn to make it sometime this year. Hurry up, pal!"

Completed Quest Text:

"You found the ingredients! Yes!! Hang on, let me whip up some Doridori Sushi… Ah ha! There we go! Your order is ready! I even autographed it in wasabi! Careful, it's SPICY!"

Next Stage in Quest

  • Quest complete

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