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In FlyFF there are multiple currencies. Here you can find an overview of all the currencies used.


Regular Ingame Currencies

image:penya.gif Penya image:perin.png Perin

Special Reward Currencies


Image:Red Token of Valor.png Red Token of Valor image:Blue Token of Valor.png Blue Token of Valor Image:Champion's Token.png Champion's Token

1V1 Siege

Image:Blue Chip.png Blue Chip Image:Gold Chip.png Gold Chip

Guild Siege

Image:Guild Siege Coin.png Guild Siege Coin image:RedChip.gif Red Chips (Also available by winning Secret Rooms West

Giant Drops

Image:Conqueror's Token(Will).png Conqueror's Token(Will) Image:Conqueror's Token(Angel).png Conqueror's Token(Angel) Image:Conqueror's Token(Legend).png Conqueror's Token(Legend)
Image:Conqueror's Token(Guard).png Conqueror's Token(Guard)


image:Token of Bravery.png Token of Bravery
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