Contaminated Rhisis' Trail (3)

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Starting NPC

Einherr Location
Einherr Image:NPCEinherr2.jpg

Contaminated Rhisis' Trail (3)

Quest Starting Location: Eillun
Quest : Contaminated Rhisis' Trail (3)
NPC : Einherr
Quest Requirement : Level 130+
Objective : Hunt Contaminated Giant Kururungs and Mushmoots, and then talk to Einherr.


Reward: 500,000,000 Exp. and Boss Hunt Reward

Quest Text:

"Did you know there are powerful monsters around Contaminated Rhisis' Trail? It might be easier to cleanse the trail without them wandering around... Can you help? I'll give you a reward once you hunt Contaminated Giant Kururungs and Mushmoots."

Accepting Quest Text:

"I knew you'd help!"

Denying Quest Text:

"You don't seem strong enough for this quest... Come back once you're stronger!"

During Quest Text:

"Hmm... You're weaker than I expected..."

Completed Quest Text:

"Better than I thought!"

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