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Version 19 has introduced the consignment shop, where you can sell your goodies and not have to stand around with a private shop opened, waiting for someone to come along!!!


Where and What is the Consignment Shop?

The Consignment Shop can be found by speaking to the below NPCs found near banks in major cities.

The consignment shop is much like the private shop. For a small fee, you can sell your items in the consignment shop without having to stick around, the player can be off and about leveling, questing, socializing and can be offline.

How do I sell an item in the consignment Shop?

To sell an item in the consignment shop you go to 'sell' at the top and drag the item you wish to sell from your inventory window into the consignment shop window, a small box will appear allowing you to select the quantity to be sold and the amount per item. Using a Merchant's Permit (7 Days) will allow you to sell up to 50 items at a time instead of 10.

My items has expired?

Items will be registered for 7 days, up to 10 items can be registered or 50 with a Merchant's Permit (7 Days) active. Once the item has expired it will remain under 'sell' until you collect it and reregister it.

How do I collect my money once an item has been sold?

To see what items have been sold you click 'sold' at the top of the consignment shop window, any sold items will appear in this window. To collect the Penya you double left click your item or click 'purchase all' and the Penya will be sent to your mail box.

Wait... what fee?

To register an item in the consignment shop that you wish to sell, a fee of 4% of the total amount you wish to sell the item for has to be paid to the NPC. For example: to sell an item for 500,000 penya, the seller has to pay 20,000 penya.

How do I buy an item in the consignment Shop?

To buy an item you double click the item or click 'purchase' in the bottom left hand corner, the item will then be sent to your mail box for you to collect. Unlike player owned shops you may convert your Perin to Penya without closing the window.

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