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What do and don't Community Managers do?

As there seems to be a bit of confusion about the difference between current Community Managers (CMs) and the previous Game Masters (GMs), here is a list of what the tasks of a Community Manager (currently [CM]Piccolo and [CM]KLaig) are:

  • A CM's tasks include...
    • Post on and moderate the official Flyff forums
    • Post on the official social media sites (e.g. Facebook)
    • Post on the official Flyff website
    • Prepare News and Announcements (e.g. events, updates, sales, etc)
    • Provide feedback for event proposals sent by GALA Lab or submit event ideas to them
    • Take care of a team of (forum) MODs
    • Organize and participate in in-game events
    • Have regular meetings with the game's producer
    • Do QA if required and create and forward reports to GALA Lab about the results and potential fixes

  • A CM's tasks do not inlcude...
    • Handle tickets or any other Customer Support in general
    • Fix bugs or game issues
    • Implement scripted events
    • Decide sales or item prices
    • Develop new content
    • Ban in-game or WEBZEN accounts (This is done by Customer Support. A CM can ban accounts though if necessary).
    • Make other departments change their rules or guidelines

The publisher's (WEBZEN) tasks include...

WEBZEN is not the developer of Flyff. Therefore WEBZEN can't change some things in the game itself. The list below shows what WEBZEN as publisher can do in regards to Flyff:

  • Make the game available in the supported/licensed regions
  • Offer Customer Support
  • Provide the Cash Shop and its sales
  • Provide feedback to the developers (GALA Lab) and suggest fixes or changes
  • Oversee the weekly server maintenance
  • Apply patches

The developer's (GALA Lab) tasks include...

GALA Lab owns the rights to the game, therefore only they can make direct changes to the game itself. Below is a list of things the developer can do, as WEBZEN isn't able to take care of these:

  • Create and apply bug fixes
  • Any code work or programming in general
  • Implement scripted events
  • Create new or modify existing content
  • Create patches
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