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Cloaks may be acquired in different ways. Some you may get if in a guild. Some are in gift boxes and some are sold in Cash Shop. The Dragon Cloak was a reward from the Guild Siege it is unknown if this is still the case. Most are available in player shops if you are lucky enough to find them.


Japan Relief: Pray For Japan

image:Cloak of Hope3.png
image:Cloak of Hope.pngCloak of Hope info

The Race to 129

image:Dragon Cloak of the Master3.png
image:Dragon Cloak of the Master.pngDragon Cloak of the Master info

Player Made Cloaks

These Cloaks were chosen in a special Forum event. "FlyFF Cloak Design Contest" (Sept 21 – Oct 5, 2009)

image:Yin-Yang Cloak3.png
image:Yin-Yang Cloak.pngYin-Yang Cloak info

image:Double Dragon Cloak3.png
image:Double Dragon Cloak.pngDouble Dragon Cloak info

image:Rays and Clouds Cloak3.png
image:Rays and Clouds Cloak.pngRays and Clouds Cloak info

Released in June of 2010

image:Cloak of the Night Sky3.png
image:Cloak of the Night Sky.pngCloak of the Night Sky info

image:Cloak of Petals3.png
image:Cloak of Petals.pngCloak of Petals info

image:Cloak of the Loving Rose3.png
image:Cloak of the Loving Rose.pngCloak of the Loving Rose info

Colosseum Related Cloaks

image:Dragon Cloak3.png
image:Dragon Cloak.pngDragon Cloak info
image:Dragon Cloak of Challenge3.png
image:Dragon Cloak of Challenge.pngDragon Cloak of Challenge info

Event Related Cloaks

The 28 Vagrant's Later: A Zombie Event

image:Survivor’s Cloak3.png
image:Survivor’s Cloak.pngSurvivor’s Cloak info
image:Zombie Hunter’s Cloak3.png
image:Zombie Hunter’s Cloak.pngZombie Hunter’s Cloak info
Rock-Paper-Scissors Event (February 2012)
image:Dragon Cloak of the Hero3.png
image:Dragon Cloak of the Hero.pngDragon Cloak of the Hero info

The Golden Level Up Event!!!
image:Blessed Cloak of the Light3.png
image:Blessed Cloak of the Light.pngBlessed Cloak of the Light info

Silver Heart Exchange 2014
image:Cloak of Light3.png
image:Cloak of Light.pngCloak of Light info

Special Cloaks

image:Cloak of Low Strong3.png
image:Cloak of Low Strong.pngCloak of Low Strong info
image:Cloak of Low Accord3.png
image:Cloak of Low Accord.pngCloak of Low Accord info
image:Cloak of Low Quick3.png
image:Cloak of Low Quick.pngCloak of Low Quick info
image:Cloak of Low Wisdom3.png
image:Cloak of Low Wisdom.pngCloak of Low Wisdom info

image:Cloak of Strong3.png
image:Cloak of Strong.pngCloak of Strong info
image:Cloak of Accord3.png
image:Cloak of Accord.pngCloak of Accord info
image:Cloak of Quick3.png
image:Cloak of Quick.pngCloak of Quick info
image:Cloak of Wisdom3.png
image:Cloak of Wisdom.pngCloak of Wisdom info

image:Dragon Cloak of the Initiate3.png
image:Dragon Cloak of the Initiate.pngDragon Cloak of the Initiate info
image:Gaia Cloak3.png
image:Gaia Cloak.pngGaia Cloak info
image:School Event Gift3.png
image:School Event Gift.pngSchool Event Gift info
image:Taegeuk Cloak3.png
image:Taegeuk Cloak.pngTaegeuk Cloak info

image:Cloak 11 (Target Event)3.png
image:Cloak 11 (Target Event).pngCloak 11 (Target Event) info
image:Cloak of the Sea God3.png
image:Cloak of the Sea God.pngCloak of the Sea God info
image:Champion's Cloak3.png
image:Champion's Cloak.pngChampion's Cloak info
image:St. Patrick's Day Cloak3.png
image:St. Patrick's Day Cloak.pngSt. Patrick's Day Cloak info

image:Matador's Cloak3.png
image:Matador's Cloak.pngMatador's Cloak info
image:Kuma Cloak3.png
image:Kuma Cloak.pngKuma Cloak info
image:Vengeful Cloak of the Wyrm3.png
image:Vengeful Cloak of the Wyrm.pngVengeful Cloak of the Wyrm info
image:Venerable Cloak of the Wyrm3.png
image:Venerable Cloak of the Wyrm.pngVenerable Cloak of the Wyrm info

image:Cloak of the Wyrm3.png
image:Cloak of the Wyrm.pngCloak of the Wyrm info
image:Cloak of Bravery3.png
image:Cloak of Bravery.pngCloak of Bravery info
image:Cloak of the Hero3.png
image:Cloak of the Hero.pngCloak of the Hero info
image:Dragon Cloak of the Adept3.png
image:Dragon Cloak of the Adept.pngDragon Cloak of the Adept info

image:Skeleton Devil's Cloak3.png
image:Skeleton Devil's Cloak.pngSkeleton Devil's Cloak info
image:Bolo Cloak3.png
image:Bolo Cloak.pngBolo Cloak info
image:Cloak of Honor3.png
image:Cloak of Honor.pngCloak of Honor info

Guild Cloaks

They are acquired by being in a guild. The Guild leader makes them and then either passes them out to members by selling in Shop or allowing them withdrawal rights in Guild Warehouse. They add +1 to DEF. Once you leave the Guild you may no longer use the Cloak.

image:Cloak 1_3.png
image:Cloak 1_.pngCloak 1_ info
image:Cloak 2_3.png
image:Cloak 2_.pngCloak 2_ info
image:Cloak 3_3.png
image:Cloak 3_.pngCloak 3_ info
image:Cloak 4_3.png
image:Cloak 4_.pngCloak 4_ info

image:Cloak 5_3.png
image:Cloak 5_.pngCloak 5_ info
image:Cloak 6_3.png
image:Cloak 6_.pngCloak 6_ info
image:Cloak 7_3.png
image:Cloak 7_.pngCloak 7_ info
image:Cloak 8_3.png
image:Cloak 8_.pngCloak 8_ info

image:Cloak 9_3.png
image:Cloak 9_.pngCloak 9_ info
image:Cloak 10_3.png
image:Cloak 10_.pngCloak 10_ info
image:Cloak 11_3.png
image:Cloak 11_.pngCloak 11_ info
image:Cloak 12_3.png
image:Cloak 12_.pngCloak 12_ info

image:Cloak 13_3.png
image:Cloak 13_.pngCloak 13_ info
image:Cloak 14_3.png
image:Cloak 14_.pngCloak 14_ info
image:Cloak 15_3.png
image:Cloak 15_.pngCloak 15_ info
image:Cloak 16_3.png
image:Cloak 16_.pngCloak 16_ info

image:Cloak 17_3.png
image:Cloak 17_.pngCloak 17_ info
image:Cloak 18_3.png
image:Cloak 18_.pngCloak 18_ info
image:Cloak 19_3.png
image:Cloak 19_.pngCloak 19_ info
image:Cloak 20_3.png
image:Cloak 20_.pngCloak 20_ info

The below cloaks are obtained through participating in Guild Siege.

image:Guild War Participation Cloak3.png
image:Guild War Participation Cloak.pngGuild War Participation Cloak info
image:Dark Devils Cloak3.png
image:Dark Devils Cloak.pngDark Devils Cloak info

Country Cloaks

Limited edition release, these new Flag Cloaks give additional stats and they got style. Come support your country with the limited edition custom made Flyff Country Flag Cloaks.

image:Argentina Flag Cloak3.png
image:Argentina Flag Cloak.pngArgentina Flag Cloak info
image:Australia Flag Cloak3.png
image:Australia Flag Cloak.pngAustralia Flag Cloak info
image:Brazil Flag Cloak3.png
image:Brazil Flag Cloak.pngBrazil Flag Cloak info
image:Canada Flag Cloak3.png
image:Canada Flag Cloak.pngCanada Flag Cloak info

image:Chile Flag Cloak3.png
image:Chile Flag Cloak.pngChile Flag Cloak info
image:Colombia Flag Cloak3.png
image:Colombia Flag Cloak.pngColombia Flag Cloak info
image:Europe Flag Cloak3.png
image:Europe Flag Cloak.pngEurope Flag Cloak info
image:France Flag Cloak3.png
image:France Flag Cloak.pngFrance Flag Cloak info

image:Germany Flag Cloak3.png
image:Germany Flag Cloak.pngGermany Flag Cloak info
image:Hong Kong Flag Cloak3.png
image:Hong Kong Flag Cloak.pngHong Kong Flag Cloak info
image:Italy Flag Cloak3.png
image:Italy Flag Cloak.pngItaly Flag Cloak info
image:Japan Flag Cloak3.png
image:Japan Flag Cloak.pngJapan Flag Cloak info

image:Mexico Flag Cloak3.png
image:Mexico Flag Cloak.pngMexico Flag Cloak info
image:Peru Flag Cloak3.png
image:Peru Flag Cloak.pngPeru Flag Cloak info
image:Philippines Flag Cloak3.png
image:Philippines Flag Cloak.pngPhilippines Flag Cloak info
image:Russia Flag Cloak3.png
image:Russia Flag Cloak.pngRussia Flag Cloak info

image:Spain Flag Cloak3.png
image:Spain Flag Cloak.pngSpain Flag Cloak info
image:Taiwan Flag Cloak3.png
image:Taiwan Flag Cloak.pngTaiwan Flag Cloak info
image:Thailand Flag Cloak3.png
image:Thailand Flag Cloak.pngThailand Flag Cloak info
image:United Kingdom Flag Cloak3.png
image:United Kingdom Flag Cloak.pngUnited Kingdom Flag Cloak info

image:USA Flag Cloak3.png
image:USA Flag Cloak.pngUSA Flag Cloak info
image:Venezuela Flag Cloak3.png
image:Venezuela Flag Cloak.pngVenezuela Flag Cloak info
image:Vietnam Flag Cloak3.png
image:Vietnam Flag Cloak.pngVietnam Flag Cloak info
image:Greece Flag Cloak3.png
image:Greece Flag Cloak.pngGreece Flag Cloak info

image:Korea Flag Cloak3.png
image:Korea Flag Cloak.pngKorea Flag Cloak info
image:South Africa Flag Cloak3.png
image:South Africa Flag Cloak.pngSouth Africa Flag Cloak info
image:Portugal Flag Cloak3.png
image:Portugal Flag Cloak.pngPortugal Flag Cloak info
image:Paraguay Flag Cloak3.png
image:Paraguay Flag Cloak.pngParaguay Flag Cloak info
image:Nigeria Flag Cloak3.png
image:Nigeria Flag Cloak.pngNigeria Flag Cloak info
image:Netherlands Flag Cloak3.png
image:Netherlands Flag Cloak.pngNetherlands Flag Cloak info
image:Denmark Flag Cloak3.png
image:Denmark Flag Cloak.pngDenmark Flag Cloak info
image:Ghana Flag Cloak3.png
image:Ghana Flag Cloak.pngGhana Flag Cloak info
image:Cameroon Flag Cloak3.png
image:Cameroon Flag Cloak.pngCameroon Flag Cloak info

Star Sign Cloaks

image:Star Sign Cloak (Aries)3.png
image:Star Sign Cloak (Aries).pngStar Sign Cloak (Aries) info
image:Star Sign Cloak (Taurus)3.png
image:Star Sign Cloak (Taurus).pngStar Sign Cloak (Taurus) info
image:Star Sign Cloak (Gemini)3.png
image:Star Sign Cloak (Gemini).pngStar Sign Cloak (Gemini) info
image:Star Sign Cloak (Cancer)3.png
image:Star Sign Cloak (Cancer).pngStar Sign Cloak (Cancer) info

image:Star Sign Cloak (Leo)3.png
image:Star Sign Cloak (Leo).pngStar Sign Cloak (Leo) info
image:Star Sign Cloak (Virgo)3.png
image:Star Sign Cloak (Virgo).pngStar Sign Cloak (Virgo) info
image:Star Sign Cloak (Libra)3.png
image:Star Sign Cloak (Libra).pngStar Sign Cloak (Libra) info
image:Star Sign Cloak (Scorpio)3.png
image:Star Sign Cloak (Scorpio).pngStar Sign Cloak (Scorpio) info

image:Star Sign Cloak (Sagittarius)3.png
image:Star Sign Cloak (Sagittarius).pngStar Sign Cloak (Sagittarius) info
image:Star Sign Cloak (Capricorn)3.png
image:Star Sign Cloak (Capricorn).pngStar Sign Cloak (Capricorn) info
image:Star Sign Cloak (Aquarius)3.png
image:Star Sign Cloak (Aquarius).pngStar Sign Cloak (Aquarius) info
image:Star Sign Cloak (Pisces)3.png
image:Star Sign Cloak (Pisces).pngStar Sign Cloak (Pisces) info

Lunar New Year Cloaks

image:Cloak of the Rat3.png
image:Cloak of the Rat.pngCloak of the Rat info
image:Cloak of the Ox3.png
image:Cloak of the Ox.pngCloak of the Ox info
image:Cloak of the Tiger3.png
image:Cloak of the Tiger.pngCloak of the Tiger info
image:Cloak of the Rabbit3.png
image:Cloak of the Rabbit.pngCloak of the Rabbit info

image:Cloak of the Dragon3.png
image:Cloak of the Dragon.pngCloak of the Dragon info
image:Cloak of the Snake3.png
image:Cloak of the Snake.pngCloak of the Snake info
image:Cloak of the Horse3.png
image:Cloak of the Horse.pngCloak of the Horse info
image:Cloak of the Sheep3.png
image:Cloak of the Sheep.pngCloak of the Sheep info

image:Cloak of the Monkey3.png
image:Cloak of the Monkey.pngCloak of the Monkey info
image:Cloak of the Rooster3.png
image:Cloak of the Rooster.pngCloak of the Rooster info
image:Cloak of the Dog3.png
image:Cloak of the Dog.pngCloak of the Dog info
image:Cloak of the Pig3.png
image:Cloak of the Pig.pngCloak of the Pig info

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